Tuesday, June 1, 2010

IRCTC tips and tricks

Hi, We have just now started posting the tips for irctc website.
This is from our experience with irctc and collected from our friends.
Here is the few tips for effective ticket booking in IRCTC.
It may hard to believe some of these but the fact is these are true.

Hereby we wanted to provide the corner helps.
However, all the basic help is found at regular irctc website -help-

IRCTC tips & tricks & notes
  1. The most important note is when the page shows "Service Unavailable" in the middle of ticket booking(at any stage i.e even after the bank transaction is made), just keep 'refresh'-ing the page(followed by 'resend') till navigates away from the "Service Unavailable" page and never press the 'back' button. If the refresh button is not available(especially in pop up windows) just click on the address bar and press 'enter' to refresh the page. Keep in mind you have keep refreshing the page multiple times till it takes time to navigate away from the page. i.e Till it starts taking time to load the actual page. This is actual solution to the "Service Unavailable" problem.
    Most of the irctc users facing this problem and the beauty is most of the time we succeeded using this technique.
  2. During tatkal booking at peak irctc traffic time(8-8.30am) maintain patience as the processing takes huge time. But, mostly it redirects you to the appropriate page when it takes huge time. Usually people lose their patience and press back button or try for something else which is not needed.
  3. Most of the people unaware about the 'Quickbook' option in the irctc website through which we can book the ticket faster and easier. Try it. It helps.
  4. If you are frequent traveler then you can make use of 'Master List of Passengers', 'Passenger Travel list'
  5. If you could not login with the regular irctc login, Try out the Beta version of the irctc released. - Beta irctc -
  6. Few more Tips will be posted soon.

If you want to share your tips with others. (or)
If you have any query/clarification send it to us.

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